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Sarah's Working Day

For the most part of my working day clients come to me who are looking to feel better, improve their existing well being, alter their perspective or to learn more about natural medicine and it made me wonder about those folk who never take these different things into consideration.

What we believe in at Active Balance, is a balance between body and mind. They are separate entities we need to give equal time to learn about, respect and find peace with. Being active in our minds, choosing our words carefully and being aware of the way we move our bodies.

Whilst one entity controls the other, when we put them together we find great strength, becoming aware that being flexible in all walks of life, controlling when necessary, but also releasing and letting go whenever possible will aid towards positive longevity.

Wherever you are on your journey, whatever you want to achieve, know your values, follow a good path and remain positive. Your body and mind was born with the power to adapt and change from a single cell to the human being you are today with trillions of cells.

There is no pill you can take to help heal what you believe that you are suffering from. There is no extra bone inserted in your body, no ligament taken away or organ removed that will allow your body to grow in a more positive way.

Your body already has everything it needs to change.Your mind might just not know how to do it yet.

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Active Balance is a Japanese Medicine studio based in north hill farm, Hertfordshire founded by Sarah Peel.  Active Balance practices thoughtful and reflective treatments to promote both physical and mental well-being.

How Sarah got into Japanese Integrated Medicine:

As a searching 17 year old, unsure at the time but realising now from growth, education and reflection the search was for a following, purpose and positivity. You cannot help those unless they are asking for help, there I stood, unbeknownst, in a travel cabin within an industrial estate, endeared to those around me.

Our sensi, Master Dr Chris Roworth.

May You take this time to pay Your respects to anyone who, however big or small, have helped You in this wonderful world and also to the man who epitomizes the term, for me, The Butterfly Effect, Grandmaster Dr Hatsumi. 

After being gifted with the presence of these people, the wealth they have taught me and kindness they have shown me, Active Balance was born in order to carry on the aim of Active Balance of continuing this beautiful Butterfly Effect. To help people understand that life mottos are carried for a reason; Yes it's true, You ARE what you eat and Happiness DOES come from within... just to name a few.

Many of my marvellous teachers have taught me; once a student always a student, this will always ring true to me and is what Active Balance stands for.

"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That's why it's called the Present"

Clients Comments

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Last Year 

I have been saved from popping pain killers - H. Hockin

Sarah has transformed my life for the better and I am very glad that I met her - E.duffy

I can't believe how much better Sarah makes me feel after one treatment - J.Fisher

Sarah is natural and has helped so many emotionally, physically and mentally – R.Redd

Sarah is very knowledgeable in her field, tailoring the treatment and advice to my individual needs